Pumpkin Spice Macarons

This is what happens when your oven is too hot at higher elevation.I like to add just a bit more of the delicious pumpkin buttercream than the average macaron maker.I grated fresh nutmeg and sifted cinnamon on top for a nice natural pumpkin spicy touch!  Eat your heart out Mike!  Recipes to follow

Camping in Nederland

We are very happy we chose this campground for many reasons: the top being we were graced with moose presence (a first in CO!!) both nights there, then there was the river which was rushing right next to our campsite making for a natural sound machine, and ideal hammock trees. The location and everything about … More Camping in Nederland

Triple Bypass Weekend in the Mountains and Camping 

This weekend I signed up to volunteer for a big organized bike ride in the mountains called the Triple Bypass.  The challenging and popular ride gets its name from the three main mountain passes that are covered from Evergreen to Avon in a range of 120 miles.  We worked from 9am until 5pm serving the … More Triple Bypass Weekend in the Mountains and Camping 

Ghee Love

If you are familiar with ghee, you are aware how expensive it is especially ghee made from the highest quality of organic grass fed butters.  This is a great way to save money and enjoy the rewards of making your own ghee!  It is so smooth and more delicious than the store bought ghee I’ve … More Ghee Love