Coyotes interrupting our elk watching

Stopped Rocky Mountain Elk watching to listen to the communication between two coyotes, very suspenseful Then all of sudden I spotted the coyote from behind us and we captured him running to his friend/lover (we don’t know?)

Prime sunflower seed brand: BIGS

This is our favorite brand, very unique flavor, but not our fav. We agree the best flavor is their “Vlasic Dill Pickle” hands down.

My new bike, YAY!

Never had my own adult bike before, so I’m pretty stoked about this—guess I traded my car in for a bike, helmet, trail shoes (thanks BABE!), and a daypack—upgrade!

Home Sweet Home

This is my work area right next to his upgraded office with the new custom designed desk.

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

These are the most unstoppable poppable cookies I’ve ever made—so delectable. My man absolutely loves them and—hate to rat him out—he gobbled up 9 for dessert when we brought them to his best friend Alex and Lindsey’s (Alex’s awesome wife) place for a nice dinner party. Even with the delicious two scoops of ice cream…

Our first very special guests

Bradley (my brother) and his girlfriend Cassie came over from Denver to see us in Golden this evening.  We had a really nice aperitif of wine and a cheese plate at our place.  Then we walked along this beautiful path lined with a rapid stream full of kayakers–and even a chicken coop full of hens–to…


The Journey Begins: Week one: Back in Colorado! I have been looking forward to this day for weeks now. Every since we decided to kick this relationship back up a notch over our St. Patrick’s Day ski weekend and go on the road together, it’s been almost all I could think about. I especially look…