Just another charming day out in the wilderness

***Beware of extreme squirrel footage*** We apologize in advance if you do not find squirrels adorably entertaining; obviously we are squirrel lovers. Today was charmingly laid back.  Although it started off with me getting stung by a bee—not once but twice—at the last few strides of my run, we had a great outdoor breakfast. The…

Ohhh my… a snake!

We ran across a couple more interesting wildlife on Iron Mountain Rd. that we hadn’t seen yet just before approaching Pigtail Road on our way to Mount Rushmore. This awesome snake was one of them and our favorite, the burro!

Mount Rushmore

Here is Cyrus scoping out the official map he will soon be adding to his collection

Feeding sweet Burro

This lonesome Burro came dashing up to our car “Hee hee hawing” not letting us pass until we gave him a few minutes of our time…and our seeds.  Unfortunately, we did not have his supposed favorite snack–carrots:(  Sunflower seeds seemed to do the trick though!