On the road to Great Falls, Montana

After driving seven plus hours against the beating wind and through the intermittent rain falls (resulting in our gas mileage–being the equivalent of a highly efficient semi truck–retaining about 7 miles to the gallon), we were finally rewarded with this beautiful sunset. These pictures hardly do this snow-capped mountain sunset & the effect it has over the Montana sky at sundown any justice but here are a few shots to get the idea


  1. venable05 says:

    That is beautiful! Makes u want to
    Paint huh? Save a print I would
    Like to hang that! Breathtaking!


    1. akvenable says:

      Thanks Momma! I took some with my iPhone, and they weren’t so great so got the big Canon out and took these nicer ones to replace them.


    2. akvenable says:

      I’m going to print out some pics this week and send them to grandma—but yes—show her my updated blog when u go see her.


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