Montana has much more to offer than “big skies” and breweries

Beyond the doors of the Tamarack Brewing Co. in Missoula lies the Clark Fork River, just steps away from the most beautiful old carousel (carousel frame- circa 1918!!). Cyrus had never been on a carousel before so… “tokens for two please?”.

After the carousel we stumbled upon a festival! Here, they had food and drinks stands, a performing stage, prize-drawing booths, and more. The premier entertainment for the evening was the kayaking and surfing show of guys and gals riding “Brennan’s Wave”–a man made whitewater masterpiece in the bend of the river just next to Caras Park.



  1. sean says:

    As his brother I can attest he has most definitely been on a carousel. Either he’s too young to remember it, he was drunk and can’t remember it, or it was extremely recent and he’s too embarrassed to admit it.


    1. akvenable says:

      He said apparently he was too young because he cannot even slightly recall this memory. Maybe he blocked it out bc perhaps it wasn’t pleasant. He said it made him faint and nauseous and that it will be his first and last, haha… wimp! Pictures are soon to follow:)


      1. rumurphy says:

        “Faint” was never uttered from this mouth. “Nauseating”, yes.. the two dark beers just beforehand and the creepy carousel music did not help.

        I vote on too young to remember it.


      2. akvenable says:

        Ohhh…excuuuse me. Sorry for putting words in your mouth big boy!


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