Rainbow over the lake dinner

We went to the nearest city of Polson, Montana (cute little lake-side town) to look for kayaks to rent for the week. After we found them, loaded up and made a quick stop by the grocery store for a few essential items we saw the most beautiful rainbow on our 20 minute drive home…until we got back to our spot on the lake.

It took just minutes to set the table for our dinner outside of leftover butter beans, a nice salsa ranch salad, with a great bottle of pinot noir. Tonight our table was overlooking the placid cloud covered lake glowing with rays of peeking sunshine creating an even more dramatically intense rainbow than we saw from the car, actually two rainbows to be precise! We were so mesmerized and have never seen a rainbow more vividly intense and beautiful than this one.

It ended right there before our eyes in the water–just before the Wild Horse Island–covering the nearby island in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

I swear I could see that pot o’ gold floating up to the water’s surface just at the end of it. We obsessed over it until it completely faded away and our beans were cold; it was quite a sight. We wondered what it meant, haha (inside joke). We also wondered what it would have been like if we were in our kayaks right there where the rainbow ended, hmmm.. Enjoy the video and pics!


  1. Dad says:

    Have seen a rainbow around here in some time


    1. akvenable says:

      You haven’t? U should start watching for them when the conditions are just right! I’m sure you and Mom could see one out there where you live too.


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