Our search for Jewel Basin…pheww, what a climb!

Today we hiked this amazing strenuous hike for over four hours! It took us three of these hours just to climb up (just to give you and idea of the steepness)!! The higher up we got, the harder it was to locate the path of the trail, because the snow was getting denser and denser.

Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with homemade ice cream served in homemade waffle cones at Sweet Peaks. We’ve both concluded after our first visit yesterday that this place has the best ice cream and by far the best waffle cones we have ever tasted. Cyrus and I went back and got the same flavors: he chooses Huckleberry (the local flavor for everything-huckleberry pie, huckleberry syrup, huckleberry jelly, huckleberry BBQ sauce, you get the picture) and I, Toasted Coconut (plus an added scoop of Cupcake this visit).



  1. Dad says:

    Did u guys see any wild animals along the way? I see u both have on short sleeves, wasn’t it cold up there?


  2. venable05 says:

    Man what a climb. U all are in good shape! Snow???


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