Off the grid! Polebridge, Montana- population 133

This is the village aka town hang-out. It was a pretty happening place here at 10 in the morning! People in line six deep this Saturday morning here to taste their homemade breads and pastries at this bakery/general store/cafe. Best bakery I’ve seen and tried in a long time–no lie! We enjoyed our homemade breakfast of huckleberry bran muffin and sun dried tomato olive focaccia accompanied by coffee and one of the town dogs we enjoyed playing fetch with while hanging out on the log in front of the Polebridge general store.





20120710-234353.jpgNo electricity nor plumbing here…they just run off of generators and solar power!

The outhouse

The bar




  1. Faye Hopper says:

    I am nor sure if you remember me or not. I am the lady on the plane to Tulsa. We sat by each other on the plane. You gave me your www address. I have enjoyed looking at all your pictures of your adventures. We had a nice road trip however my back and my husband’s went out. I had to go to the hospital for a shot so I was able to finish the trip. We saw some beautiful country. Hope to hear from you.


    1. akvenable says:

      Hello Faye! Nice surprise to see you found my blog:) I’m sorry about you and your husband hurting your backs. I hope you’re getting better already. Where are you all now? We are in Canada but only have wifi sparingly so I’ll catch up my blog with some action ASAP! You take care until then-


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