Always “sleepless in Seattle”…

I love this city and wish we could have spent more time here. After our first 2 days in Washington, I have decided this is one of my top 5 favorite states. The first Starbucks! Admiring the cool retro style Starbucks circa 1971 The Pike Brewing Company- Cyrus knows this place quite well…The majestic towering Mount Rainier I want to get closer, so we can hike it!!


  1. elatlboy says:

    I recognize the first few pictures! Peeked into Starbucks, but too busy to sit down or grab a coffee. Great memories from the market and city. Definitely a place for foodie and coffee lovers. 🙂


    1. akvenable says:

      Yes wouldn’t waste coffee time on star sucks anyway. Even if it was the first Starbucks;)


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