Ojai hike and a day of California culture

Today was a fun yet long and exhausting day…  I started the day out at 7:30am with my new (beans hand delivered yesterday after pre-ordering it Sunday from the farmer’s market!) Organic Peruvian roasted Centri Coffee.  I filled my mug to go, packed a day pack and beach bag,  and headed for the trail head.  Agenda for the rest of the day, nonstop: hike!!!, lunch, beach!, Winchell’s!!, dinner, brewski, concert.

What most excited me about the day though was this long hike.  I haven’t had a great hike in a few weeks, so I was worried about being a little rusty.  This one was just right…a strenuous hike up to a few pretty waterfalls, running into a couple precarious situations (which I love); I was up and back down in 2.75 hours covering just over 8 miles.  It was 101 degrees when I returned to the car!  Time for a cool dip in the Pacific.

My battle wounds

Next up was fish tacos (hence the dollar bills and fish hanging from the ceiling) and the beach in Ventura.  I went to the beach to overdose on vitamin D for the day and to rest the old bones after the strenuous hike.  I was also lucky enough to see the dogs play and frolic along the shoreline.  I even did some frolicking of my own through the waves and tried out body surfing!
Look closely to find the uber athletic Austrian man in the Speedo playing with his little boys…he was very hard not to notice showing off his fit little bod walking across the beach via handstand, very impressive I might say

After the beach, I traversed back to Santa Barbara for Winchell’s Donut House (I earned it today!) for the best tasting donut holes on the planet–Rainbow sprinkled donut holes.  There are no more Winchell’s in OK:( nor have I seen any in TX OR anywhere for that matter, so I was excited and bought enough for sharing.  Indulging in dessert first, had fish tacos (yes again) for dinner and tried out a local brewski before hitting up 311.

I was given a free concert ticket to some bands I was not at all familiar with such as Soja and Slightly Stoopid–as California as music gets, I was told–and another band 311, which was somewhat familiar after hearing their popular hits.  Since I was going to be in Santa Barbara anyway, I decided why not check it out… This concert was at the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation venue in a beautiful setting, although I was a little unsure of all the wild Californians surrounding me.  Being in a pretty mellow quiet state on the road, just the two of us the past 4 months, has made me feel out of place in a crowd this big, slightly uneasy, and honestly a bit annoyed.  I don’t think I was cut out for this place after all.  The concert was loud, smoky, but made for great people watching…311 wasn’t even that bad after all (maybe due to the hot lead singer?).

By the end of the concert, I was past due for bedtime and had no trouble THIS night falling asleep before 11:00.