An energizing start to a long day of baking and cooking gone bad

Started out the day with an exhilarating yet hot and exhausting run…so I earned this glass of Rose with lunch;) I have to support the local Ojai winery! Next up, baking cookies then preparing the pasta salad and shrimp cocktail for the big pool party tomorrow. If you’re wondering what the greenery is, that’s the fresh basil buds (that have to be snipped in order for the plant to keep growing properly) I pulled from a garden this morning…what a great smell. Its almost as lovely as the smell of lavender, ahhhh.


Cooking plans took a quick turn, and I ended up with the day off (long story) mid boiling point (pun intended to describe the fight I had with housemate/boss) of the pasta water and meandered over to Malibu to check out what the beach restaurants had to offer me.20120901-202702.jpg


My other new friends–we were all rolling solo, so why not take tequila shots together!?  I’m not buyin’~20120901-211336.jpg


Sharing shrimp cocktail with new bar friend, what’s-her-name20120901-202817.jpg






Time to call it…20120901-202855.jpg

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  1. venable05 says:

    Sounds like a good day. Sorry I missed your call. Start early cause you know cooking always takes longer than you expect. Have fun call me. Going to the wedding mollys tonight. dad not so going alone as


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