My 30th birthday weekend

This car was parked in valet outside of a fancy hotel in Dallas during OU Texas game weekend. I’ve never seen anything like this ridiculousness. 20121018-114846.jpg

Here I am at Dream Cafe for my birthday lunch (using my free bday entree coupon!!) in Dallas with my best friend Christina. If you are wondering what the white thing is over my head, I am wondering the same thing…maybe it’s a halo, perhaps an angel even…or a ghost!20121018-114912.jpg

Celebrating my birthday night20121018-115049.jpg

This is baby Jaxon! He is the little boy of my really good friends Alice and Jarrett. He’s so handsome and getting so big–almost 6 months now! They had me over for my birthday dinner. 20121018-115113.jpg

Birthday flowers…I’m loved 20121018-115158.jpg


Pretty OK birthday sunset on my short road-trip20121018-115245.jpg


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Traveling and new exciting experiences are what life is all about!
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2 Responses to My 30th birthday weekend

  1. venable05 says:

    Glad u had a great birthday! What’s the deal with the halo?


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