I do not support hunting for sport, nor do I like guns but..

Here are a few things that caught my eye at my cousins house at a Xmas luncheon today that may include both of these things:

Some people need cinema rooms in their cabins


20121209-174708.jpg..and shooting range rooms where you can practice shooting zombies with really loud guns such as this 40 cal

20121209-172255.jpg Really big safes are a must as well to store your big guns and such treasures, ha



20121209-223822.jpgI do support snow shoes though! They are great, but he actually used these to trudge through the Alaskan snow fields in order to shoot this beautiful bear:(

20121209-172008.jpg Here’s the massive brown bear he shot for ornamental reasons to take home as his Alaskan sport hunting trophy. While collecting his new big brown trophy, he discovered that it had just fought another bear to the death which was being hidden buried in brush beneath the big bear right where they shot him. Here is the scene re-enacted below: He killed the bear that killed a bear

20121209-171927.jpg The Santa hat was a nice jolly touch I thought


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2 Responses to I do not support hunting for sport, nor do I like guns but..

  1. K what an awesome set up…seriously that is any guys dream hunter or not….


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