Merry Christmas Eve

Safe travels everyone. I hope you’re having a lovely evening making special memories with your family. I know I am… This Christmas eve has a little less twinkle without grandma Nanaw and grandpa Mop Mop, but my Aunt Dynda really stepped up and made it a wonderful evening for all of us at her house complete with a cheese plate, smoked salmon, and a shrimp cocktail! Nanaw would not have approved, haha. I really enjoyed the game of Catch Phrase to wrap up the evening. I am very happy to have such a close and loving family. Merry Christmas! 20121224-222527.jpg20121224-222603.jpg20121224-222544.jpg20121224-222659.jpg20121224-222737.jpg20121224-222720.jpg

20121224-222621.jpg Grandma’s “opera gloves”20121224-222856.jpg

Cousin LJ drew my name for a gift and got me this great snow hat!20121224-222909.jpg