Fresh powder

Breckenridge here we come…

20130202-210636.jpgView from the gondola

20130202-210549.jpgI guess we hit the best weekend for snow here so far this season…or something like that








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Traveling and new exciting experiences are what life is all about!
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2 Responses to Fresh powder

  1. venable05 says:

    Enjoyed the trip to the museum! Trip looked like a blast! Can’t wait to make a trip to Breckenridge! It looked like a lovely town! Personally I think you missed out on a wonderful cookie experience! Those looked delic! You know what they say when in Rome! Or I guess in this case Breckinridge! Lol


    • akvenable says:

      Yes, it was a very pleasurable trip. …And maybe I didn’t miss out on that cookie and had that same justification and took it back to the cabin to share with everyone, just maybe.


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