The first big snow day of the season in Tulsa

This post is dedicated to my brothers, because I know they’re missing Tulsa right about now. I guess I get to see snow here after all before the big move next month.

This picture was taken outside of my apartment before work this morning.

20130220-141033.jpgThe snow kissed trees and buildings downtown make for a beautiful drive to the coffee shop.


20130220-141058.jpgBank of Oklahoma tower

20130220-142240.jpgAlmost to Topeca Coffee in the Mayo…round the roundabout

20130220-142300.jpgA different view of downtown. Juniper–a new restaurant with “the freshest local products” made the photo.


20130220-142313.jpgTaken early this morning at my parent’s house before the snow got heavy


20130220-142355.jpgThat is our sweet 14 year old mutt Bandit



  1. ellie49 says:

    Oh, what a sweet, sweet dog!

    Just found your blog. So far, I like it! 🙂


    1. akvenable says:

      Yay! Thank you. I hope you will enjoy it and gain some more insight;) Oh Bandit is a sweet old thing!


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