The Herbal Affair

This is an annual festival of herbs and a celebration of spring that occurs every March that makes Sand Springs, OK very proud. I enjoy this day when I can make it out here. One year ago I was here just prior to going on my five month rv escapade and couldn’t buy anything I couldn’t pack in a suit case; now I have a whole herb garden! I’m not saying I’d trade traveling or rv life on the road for an herb garden (NEVER EVER), but I will enjoy being able to keep plants around to admire and enjoy for cooking purposes…for a while at least. 20130509-230420.jpg




20130509-230701.jpgFood truck fab has really picked up around here. They are lined up downtown not only on weekends but even on the week days now.



20130509-230744.jpgHere is my new African basket for all the market shopping I’ll be doing now that they have AT LEAST three different farmers’ markets a week around here. It is overly stuffed with herb, pepper, and tomato plants. I can’t wait to watch them grow on my own back porch!