A Trattoria in Tulsa

Mary’s Trattoria is a cute little gem that happens to be quite charming, tasty, AND less than a mile from where I live! I’m glad to say they made a great first impression. I will be back soon to try their Eggplant Parmesan and Pesto Ravioli (and Tortellini). They make their pasta from scratch and everything fresh to order so not a good spot to dine and dash. It’s very unique for around here, and I especially love the decor.

20130516-215317.jpgAntique galore–I love vintage APRONS! …or any pretty aprons for that matter

20130516-215332.jpg…you think Mary might love them too?

20130516-215355.jpgWe especially love that they offer a couple of great house wine carafe options. Aren’t the table clothes creative?!


20130516-215422.jpgI chose the manicotti rolled with homemade crepes, delicious.




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2 Responses to A Trattoria in Tulsa

  1. venable05 says:

    Great place to take your mom for a night out!! Sounds delic! We live aprons in our family!!


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