Saving turtles on the journey to Spavinaw State Park

We saw numerous turtles in the road on the way to AND from my family cabin. We saved three of those turtles helping them to the other side… assuming they weren’t trying to turn around and go the other way:/

20130604-211731.jpgThis one was gigantic and snappy. I don’t think he wanted to be saved and would rather take a bite out of my arm…or get run over by a car:(


20130604-212158.jpgHere we are at Spavinaw State Park! We made it through “Dead Man’s Curve”… (Picture of the unique Dead Man’s Curve Sign, next time–fatal drop off)

20130604-212206.jpgThe water was so clear and the park so full of campers. The dam is gushing too, creating the perfect swimming hole and floating conditions.

20130604-212219.jpgLuckily we did not have to stay in this cluster of a campsite and had the old trusty cabin for the night. It was nice to see everyone enjoying their tents, RVs, and family time though.




20130604-212255.jpgI grew up coming here since I was born. My mom did as well–Dad too after he met my mom in high school:) It has been in the family since my GREAT Grandpa Spuddy and Grandma Kate bought it in the early ’60s!



  1. anthonyvenable110 says:

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  2. Garrett says:

    I always stop and pick turtles up that are in the road. Glad to see I have a partner out there with me.


  3. akvenable says:

    Yes, as long as it doesn’t put our lives in jeopardy, right?! Save a turtle; save a life!


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