Crater Lake National Park

crater10crater6 crater4221 - Copy  cratercrater8crater5crater3 Drove the entire perimeter of the park and stopped to photograph almost every angle of the beautiful sight.  My favorite part was the steep hike straight down to the water to a big rock where tourists stopped to enjoy a dip into the frigid water by leaping off of the rocks.  One brave guy even showed off with performing a flip off the edge!  Another unexpected sight that may have gone unnoticed by some was this girl “Ash” with the hairiest armpits ever!  It was so strange as she shaved every other obvious parts a woman shaves but was growing out her thick armpit hairs–soo gross!  Maybe it is a new trend I am not aware of yet or something…anyway, she seemed like a nice girl–an “artist”. crater lake pic


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3 Responses to Crater Lake National Park

  1. Mama says:

    Such pretty scenery!


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