The Boulder Flat Irons

Loving the foliage just near the trail head 20131024-215639.jpg 20131024-215711.jpg 20131024-220001.jpg 20131024-220016.jpg 20131024-220029.jpg 20131024-220045.jpg 20131024-220058.jpg 20131024-220135.jpgMy camera went dead right before the five mule deer appeared and before reaching the very top of the Flat Irons. This is the last shot before continuing on to the top. 20131024-220151.jpgAfterwards we checked out the local breweries… 20131024-220520.jpgI loved Twisted Pine brews. Too bad we had to drive back to Denver tonight or we could have tried a couple more interesting beers. The ghost chili pepper beer sounded very appealing! 20131024-220536.jpgAvery Brewing–Home of Tweak! 20131024-220559.jpg


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