Macchiato time

Shades of Brown:  I heart coffee

A taste of the Christmas holiday home with my family

Baking an assortment of goodies to make up the “candy plates” to fatten up the neighbors in Mom & Dad’s neighborhood. My favorite part is decorating the icing cookies. Pecan Tassies English Toffee Snickerdoodles Caramels Butterscotch Haystacks Wedding Cookies and Hershey Kiss Snowball Cookies Parks Clan Cousins I can’t leave out the new entertaining card…

An Icy Wonderland

Night 1: Day two: the trees and bushes are still preserved in a sparkly thick glaze of ice. Sadly, the aftermath of the magnificent ice storm will bring sad and broken trees.

What do you do with your leftover mashed potatoes?

I added one egg, green onions, garlic, and some shredded Swiss-cheddar cheese to mine to transform them from a side dish to the perfect hors d’oeuvres. I stirred the mixture well, then rolled them into balls to dip into flour. This step makes it easier to pat them out flat (less sticky) to throw in…