Pete’s Place and Choc Brewery (aka home of “Prairie” beer too!)

A renowned family style Italian restaurant combined with great beer options equals the perfect pre-camping meal!

IMG_5464Well…we made it to Pete’s Place!  The last time I traveled here I didn’t even care about the beer, because I was about 11 years old and with my grandparents.  I have quite a different view of the place many years down the road now, realizing it is combined with a great brewery! IMG_5468IMG_5470

IMG_5473 IMG_5472Their brag “wall of fame”IMG_5471 IMG_5477 No “Lamb Fries” for me.  Thanks anyway, Grandma–no fooling me this time. IMG_5475 IMG_5478Here is what comes as an appetizer with your meal: a delicious salad (you can barely catch a glimpse of–back left–with a great house oil vin.) and a simple cheese plate with garlic toast.  Prairie and Choc Beer--"The Bomb"!!


  1. Mr. Christopher Carl Waterstradt says:

    I like Choc Beer. I think the “brag wall” should definitely include the gentleman 2nd seat in with that whispering ponytail… he knows whats up with the lamb, should have interviewed him. All jokes a “side” …that’ll be extra my dear.. hahah jk


    1. akvenable says:

      As always, a pleasure to be entertained by your clever writing skills Chris:). thanks! Keep the comments coming sir.


  2. Garrett says:

    I love me some prairie.


  3. akvenable says:

    Yes! Likewise, a local favorite and overall in my top 5.


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