The Dark Side of Chocolate I really like this post and these websites that raise awareness that “thirdeyemom” has shared with everyone. I thought it would be a good idea to pass it on to my followers. Please read and check out the links and videos.


Author’s note: This is a guest post by fellowONE Mom Chelsea Hudson who blogs at Do A Little Good. I got to know Chelsea and her work online as part of a wonderful group of Mom bloggers who advocate and support ONE, a grassroots NGO whose aim is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. I read this post recently on her blog and have been considering the issue ever since. Here is a story that is bound to make you think especially with Halloween coming up soon when millions of dollars of this kind of chocolate is being sold. 

Screen Shot of huge chocolate company, Hershey's, Halloween page. Screen Shot of huge chocolate company, Hershey’s, Halloween page.

The Dark Side of Chocolate by Chelsea Hudson

I just watched the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate. It hit home on many levels…

First, it’s about children. Children as young as seven years old.


You see, I have children. I have…

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