Sea shells, sea shells, by the sea shore






Sandpipers just crossing paths, dee dee dee dee….20140602-095738-35858466.jpg



I enjoyed watching this little green anole lizard on the lookout for a female.  I could differentiate it from a female, because of his dewlap–the hangy thing on his neck–was a reddish pink; the female dewlap is white.  This physical mechanism is then fanned out to attract a mate.  The green anoles color depends on their mood, health, temperature and humidity. They are often referred to as “chameleons” as I used to call them as a kid noticing they change color; however, they are not related to chameleons.  Sorry I didn’t catch him in action with full blown blush dewlap.20140602-100837-36517766.jpg




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2 Responses to Sea shells, sea shells, by the sea shore

  1. Mama says:

    Very interesting and awesome
    Picture! Can wait to find a few of those myself
    Next week at sanibel!!💕💕


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