Reminiscing about Belize

On our way to Ambergris Caye via bumpy boat ride20130108-231917.jpg My room with a private kitchen in addition to the full bathroom!20130108-232201.jpg20130108-232237.jpg Infinity pool was right outside my bedroom located just among the sandy beach under the coconut trees20130108-232416.jpg 20130108-232501.jpg 20130108-232527.jpg Our fishing trip complete with CHEF fishing guides!

Bad A** fishing guide number 1:149958_825154501772_3846533_n

We snorkled with these creatures!  Jumping in was the hardest part; the peer pressure helped.

149958_825154496782_4844397_n 149204_825146887032_6739762_n

While lobster spearing, one guy killed this venomous and invasive Pterois aka Lionfish:(  Remarkable looking beast!


Sachet water–yep–they consume water in a bag down there.149204_825146872062_5907530_n

Bad A** fishing guide number 2:



73938_825149317162_6058519_n 73938_825149327142_2885293_n

Lunch and dinner for days!20130108-232601.jpg Dinner has arrived! 20130108-232615.jpg


The freshest ceviche I could ever taste, the chef guides made ON the boat from the fish just we just caught!

76748_825160205342_6667417_n 76748_825160190372_3156996_n

His days work is not finished yet.  He still has to marinate and prepare these guys for the grill along with the corn and potatoes~!  Yummy…yum..yum


Another day…I like the pastels here in this beach shot20130108-232715.jpg I found this little bugga’ in my room20130108-232758.jpg

Drying out the empty conch


Paco the housekeepers dog73572_825169461792_5177357_n

Found a ghost crab!73572_825169466782_5323850_n

..and some pretty coral73572_825169471772_5431555_n

These are the nice girls I met this trip73938_825149312172_2182052_n

We made some delicious tuna sushi74483_825162400942_3918646_n

What a great dinner at Rojo Lounge74483_825162425892_3970665_n73572_825169481752_6443027_n74483_825162435872_2876621_n75820_825139007822_4833946_n

My new pal and I obviously had fun playing with these coconuts.75820_825139012812_5706679_n75820_825139017802_613296_n75820_825139022792_5822877_n76462_825144362092_6750113_n76462_825144367082_2411687_n76462_825144372072_3740355_n

Rewarded with the freshest coconut water after finally cutting through to the core of the hard stubborn coconut


Sunning while enjoying the local beer and a good read76748_825160180392_3312019_n

Back at Rojo Lounge enjoying their drink service and the awesome pool lounge beds


This place also had the best homemade coconut ice cream I have ever had!  I still crave it every now and then.  Another cool tidbit about Rojo Lounge:  the Bachelor held the last rose ceremony here a few years after my visit.


Rojo by night:  TEQUILA! with our sweet local house keeper/cook77076_825164920892_6434925_n76295_825170030652_1110560_n

During my run, I discovered these places along the beach148584_825167440842_3929162_n74483_825162440862_1327481_n148584_825167445832_7187534_n75820_825139002832_3166466_n

Got an ouchy on my beach run-barefoot met sharp rock148584_825167450822_4841825_n

It’s ALIVE!  Ewww


We only check out the village on our way to the tiny expensive grocery market to get some sides to accompany our fish and lobsters back at the house.20130108-232828.jpg 20130108-232932.jpg 20130108-233005.jpg Instead of taking the boat back to the main island for our flight home we decided to eat that ticket and took this teeny plane for a much quicker and smoother ride.20130108-233029.jpg Aerial views from the small plane over to Belize City20130108-233054.jpg

I’ve never had a more relaxing vacation.  Such a lovely place!  I  hope to come back to this gorgeous island someday.  Maybe I will even get the courage to scuba dive next time…20130108-233115.jpg