The Rose Establishment

J’adore le Rose!


Industrial antique motif meets French bakery coffee shop20140708-152126-55286546.jpg

Yes, those are homemade oatmeal pies down there!20140708-152124-55284940.jpg

Wait for it…coffee COLD BREW NITRO!  This is a first for me and what a pleasureful experience it was!  Hopefully, this nitro coffee phenomenon will take off and come to a coffee shop near you (and Me!) soon.  I was just informed it is the new buzz, and they may even be featured in the NY Times soon about this new coffee method.  I researched and found one other coffee shop out of Austin is doing this already.  I will have to check out the Cuvee Coffee Roasting Co. soon.  20140708-152152-55312422.jpg


I also tried their delicious Rose Shortbread Cookie decorated with real dried rose petals and this Blueberry Poppyseed Scone with a sweet vanilla drizzle.20140708-152154-55314046.jpg

I wish I would have tried this delectable looking “70% Chocolate White Chocolate Ganache and Candied Lavender Brownie” as I am obsessed with anything Lavender.  Three desserts for brunch might have been a bad idea though anyway.20140708-152232-55352799.jpg


They even make their own macarons here–impressive.20140708-152234-55354379.jpg

The Baristas[os?] are very friendly and passionate about their work here too.20140708-152333-55413576.jpg



The deck has some wonderful shade vines to add to the ambiance and leaves the option to bring your dogs along for coffee company.  I wish I could have spent hours here!20140708-152335-55415647.jpg