Holy Temple Square!

I finally got to see what all the fuss was about here in SLC within the Mormon side of the family. Being present here just warmed my insides! Many of my cousins (and an ex boyfriend–missed my chance to marry here, hehe!) were married here in the temple which I sadly could never attend. Now I’m imagining how amazing the inside of the temple must be. I definitely got a taste of it from the outside of this majestically towering castle like holy structure. 20140714-160702-58022187.jpg20140714-160900-58140376.jpg20140714-160858-58138396.jpg
We were privileged to arrive just as the symphony concert (that is open to the public!) was beginning, at 9:30am on a Sunday at the Temple Square Convention Center. The faith was so strong it made my eyes water at first glance just upon entering the doors. The members’ and greeters’ faces were glowing with gladness as all the guests arrived to hear their musical ambassadors send the message of Christ through the brief and beautiful 30 minutes of concert.


Mormons never cease to amaze me… They have beautiful young ladies from many countries/languages there to take foreigners on the Temple Tour!


This is inside the old tabernacle where a lot of music is also played. This was immediately obvious when we gawked up at the ceiling noticing the complex looking speakers and sound system that surrounded us not to mention another ornate organ that filled the front of the room along with the extensive choir.


Leaving Temple Square through the mall just across the street with some nice fountains and landscaping.20140714-164127-60087184.jpg