Pinot and pizza Monday

Another pleasurable house-sitting experience begins here…20140730-120617-43577135.jpgSipping this delicious Willamette Valley Pinot Noir in my favorite chair–the Louis Ghost chair–in the room I most adore in this house 20140730-120618-43578895.jpgContinuing on with the unique decor of room number 120140730-120619-43579701.jpgCreepy cool fireplace mantle 20140730-120949-43789963.jpg
I love this contemporary white couch and vibrant world map20140730-120951-43791909.jpg
This is the famous New Orleans Blue Dog/artist George Rodrigue. This artist actually just died last December. His wife has taken over and kept open all three of his galleries. There is one in New Orleans (the one I’ve visited) and also Lafayette, LA and the third in Carmel, CA.20140730-120948-43788201.jpg
Cool room number 220140730-124240-45760629.jpg
The choice to use Edison bulbs in this light fixture make this modern chandelier quite an eye catcher.  I’m a huge fan of these special yet pricey light bulbs.
20140730-124533-45933603.jpgCool room number 3:20140730-124603-45963113.jpg


20140730-124601-45961039.jpgThanks to nature’s engineering, this preserved wasp nest hangs delicately in the living room as an attractive conversation piece.20140730-124604-45964088.jpgThis Chinese lucky cat or “Maneki-neko” is a Japanese figurine literally meaning beckoning cat and is said to bring luck to the owner of this figurine.  The common belief is that the left arm waving back and forth is supposed to bring in customers/wealth and the right paw protects it.  There are many sayings that go with this cat that differ by time and place.20140730-124605-45965113.jpgThis is a preserved horseshoe crab which is actually not a crab but a relative of scorpions and spiders.  This spiky looking sea creature appears to be dangerous, but unless you accidentally step on one, they are not harmful at all.20140730-124606-45966422.jpgCheers!20140730-124600-45960131.jpg