A Fulfilling Weekend

Bowling and ol’ Minuteman pizza night while out housesitting for my parents. Check it out, he brought his own ball and shoes!IMG_8079.JPGChimera Cafe-coffee shop never ceases to amaze me with their food creations and their coffee. These are vegan (don’t make that face!) donuts! I tried the chocolate sprinkly one-delightful! Even their special chocolate is made in house. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all wonderful here too. I could say this is my favorite coffee shop in Tulsa and probably in the top 5 I’ve ever visited throughout my travels.



IMG_8091.JPGThis was a random buggy design I saw at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. “Fuggettaboutit” strange…wonder what the story is here?

IMG_8081.JPGNitro the new Foster pup at Small Paws–up for adoption!


IMG_8097.JPGThe smooth greensnake aka grass snake we found on the trail and moved to safety:)  Did you know these snakes can be dangerous after all?!

IMG_8094.JPGCounting down…



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5 Responses to A Fulfilling Weekend

  1. Dad says:

    That’s not fair having your own shoes and ball.


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  3. Garrett says:

    Oh I HATE snakes in all form. I don’t care if its green, black, red yellow, or whatever. They are not my taste of fun.


  4. akvenable says:

    You didn’t take me as a snake man, hehe…did you read the funny snake story in the link?


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