NOLA Jazz Festival

My first huge music festival experience was last year at Jazz Fest.  2015 Jazz Fest is right around the corner, so I thought it was time to quit procrastinating and get this awesome post up for all to enjoy.

What a sweet welcome to New Orleans Jazz Fest week…let the fun begin.IMG_1600IMG_1680

Our first meal in New Orleans to start the party off rightIMG_1724IMG_1727IMG_1729

To finish the lovely dinner, Aubrey ordered every dessert on the menu for all to share!IMG_1730IMG_1693IMG_1735IMG_1635IMG_1742IMG_1753IMG_1767IMG_1782

Stephen’s favorite meal[s] of the week were provided by the Krishna.  He wanted to stop in on our bicycle ride home EVERY DAY for some post festival ethnic grub.IMG_1793IMG_1790IMG_1789IMG_1791

My favorite food in NOLA is the Po’ Boy from Killer Poboys Roasted Sweet Potato Poboy and Seared Gulf Shrimp Poboy are unbelievably tasty!photo 1 (4)

Another day at the festival…IMG_1794IMG_1799IMG_1801IMG_1805IMG_1813IMG_1815IMG_1816IMG_1817

GW Fins was amazing with impeccable service and even better food!  Sorry about the picture quality in the dimly lit room.IMG_1853IMG_1855IMG_1868IMG_1870

You find your way back to your people/resting spot by staking your ground with a unique flag; this is ours.IMG_1875

Some of the “Brass Pass” perksIMG_6765photo 3 (2)

Parade inside Jazz Festphoto 4photo 5

The Jazz Fest after fest was almost just as fun in the French Quarter.IMG_1873


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