Easter in South Carolina

Bon voyage Nitro…off to the Carolinas to meet your new “Forever Mom” ~Cheers to ♥Nitro♥ touching our lives for 6 wonderful loving months!~  His first flight  After introducing Nitro to his new mommy Abigail, we went to explore this nearby National Park  Bald cypress knees everywhere!    These unfamiliar trees called Water Tupelos predominantly inhabit this area as well.  These are the trees shown with the swollen trunks sucking up the swamp water.   Couldn’t resist jumping some natural vine rope   The hemmed in swampy river where the alligators roam   The log I hopped across–on one foot 😉             An awesome brewery I discovered as we approached Charleston            Family Love 

Tasty and fancy Southern style brunch at High Cotton!   Crab Cake Benedict My FIRST PEDICAB RIDE!  We had a caravan of pedicabs so we could cover more ground in Charleston after already walking miles to pick the perfect restaurant and cocktail spot while checking out the historic downtown.  My feet were thanking me.

Our first cocktail spot with the best view! 

Love these things but never seen one life sized!

This is where we spent most of our weekend back in Columbia.  Not too shabby of a place we have here.  Thanks Price!  

                   Our Easter lunch on the water and our last day in SC     


  1. Garrett says:

    That was really cool! I loved playing with those things when I was kid pressing my hand in different ways trying to make the pins create funny pictures.


  2. akvenable says:

    Yes, this life sized one was incredible (and incredibly germ-y)!


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