Another year, another fest in New Orleans

Welcome back…it’s been two months


I finally got to see Alison Krauss live!

My favorite festive house en route via bicycling to Jazz Fest

I discovered another great place to grab food and relax on my day off of Jazz Fest.  I chose the delicious ceviche.

A feel for the natives at this bar, tucked away with a great back yard patio called MRB–Mississippi River Bottom; I think there is a constant crawfish boil cooking on their back patio.

The famous Irene’s Cuisine…and the notorious wait time.  He doesn’t normally dress this way, thanks goodness.IMG_1752

We finally made it inside to eat after about a three hour wait!  No, we didn’t stand outside for the entire time, only about an hour of that.  We returned at about 9:00 after I put our name down around 7:00 (as they don’t accept reservations) and patiently waited outside until AFTER 10.   Waiting for our table, we were entertained by passersby and a great bottle of wine nicely presented to us by Nick–the head chef.  Irene of “Irene’s” is his partner/mother!IMG_1758

Just passing through Bourbon street, quickly

Carousel Bar at Hotel Monteleone enjoying the night after a day of fest-ing

Enjoying my day two off, meandering solo, I found this cute alley path containing a terrific little cafe called the Green Goddess offering many vegetarian and vegan options, hard to come by in The Big Easy.

Taking advantage of what the Omni Hotel has to offer, soaking up the sun for a few hours and making friendsIMG_0894 IMG_1323IMG_0963 IMG_0968 IMG_1055 IMG_1072IMG_1148IMG_1305IMG_1314

Aka our home for the weekIMG_1317

Getting pumped to see Elton John on stage!IMG_1600IMG_1391IMG_1458IMG_1487IMG_1643

This was not my choice for lunch but you get an idea of the food options here.  I believe he got the Pulled Pork Po-boy.IMG_3155IMG_3236

I don’t think we knew the guy on the right, but I guess he gave sweet “free hugs” and made for a fun pic in his tie dyed apron.IMG_3157

This is the “Brass Pass” holders tent–my favorite place to hang out and refresh.  They also provide unlimited everything displayed to eat and drink in these next three photos, including the best iced coffee!IMG_3189 IMG_3190

Most interesting addition to the table are the huge bowls of whole green olives to gnaw on, pits and all.IMG_3191

This Common Egret is a pretty cool looking bird to watch as it stalked an afternoon meal in the canal.  It looks very uncomfortable as it moves, extending the long skinny neck forward until it propels the beak into the water precisely catching the fish small enough to gobble down its skinny throat.  I enjoyed being taken away from the bustling crowd for this moment with nature:) IMG_3196 IMG_3199 IMG_3205

This gives you an idea of how many people showed up for Elton John on the most crowded day of Jazz Fest.  For the first time in my life, I felt a little claustrophobic and was ready to get out of there.IMG_3208