This will hopefully be my near future neighborhood!IMG_1609

Rootdown:  my favorite restaurant in Denver so farIMG_1539 (1)

Maci Cafe, this small Italian gem, is authentically Euro!  I felt like I stepped off the streets of LoHi right into Italy.  They have the perfect espressos (Italian style- short and strong!) with the perfect natural crema and the true panini down to perfection with an extensive panini menu to fit every American’s preference.  The very nice Italian–part owner/chef, Massimo Ruffinazzi was happy to share his story with me.  I was glad to have stumbled upon this place after finding Linger (just a walk around the corner) is closed for lunch on Mondays.IMG_1619 IMG_1613 IMG_1612

Skipped this ice creamery for dessert but will be back soon to check it out!  I heard it is great as well.IMG_1636

My future homeIMG_1635IMG_1604


  1. Garrett says:

    That is a really interesting looking building. The designs painted on or a part of the wall?


  2. akvenable says:

    They are panels. Too bad I had to get my deposit back. I fell in love with this place but didn’t get the job after all.


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