Durango Unchained

Almost there! Streets are all cleared in preparation for the legendary mountain biking race called Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Baby Bicycle Classic: this was just moments before this toddler on the right crashed as he was attempting the turn and balled his little lungs out, haha…I mean poor little fella.           Dead on this end.  All the action is down there watching the take off!     On my beautiful trail-run overlooking the city just before losing my brand new handmade earring I forgot to remove beforehand.             Made it back in time to see the end of the fun race.  I went to this brewery the night before and had a blast meeting and hanging out with a local (a Kenny Roger’s doppelganger) and another fellow vagabond (a novice trout slayer named Tommy).   A hot banana and a hotter gorilla    This guy was trying to catch some resisting tail while entertaining me in my hammock.  They went around and around until some kid came and ruined the chase.