Around Annapolis

Getting a head start on the holiday celebrations!

Time to unwind…not a bad porch to relax on and enjoy my first morning in Annapolis

Pretty good view of the bay here on Bay Ridge

Side door straight to my room

This is the other friend’s house where we boarded their boat with a nice patio and fire pit along the path down to their 2 boats and 2 Sea-Doos.  Andy loves his man toys.

Pulling out of the cove headed to try the notorious Maryland crabs!

This is the place we chose to hammer some crabs–Kentmorr Restaurant

Thursday:  All the doctor wives were hard at work  

Seasoned crabs, crab cheese pretzel, and crab guacamole…  



Broiled Rock fish topped with Imperial Crab meat   

Osprey haven

The house on the right is the Kennedy house, our wonderful friends that hosted us for the trip.  

Best friends

Making new friends at the dinner party which consisted of 90% Naval Academy grads that stuck around after school making pretty great lives for themselves and their families

I had so much fun sharing life lessons with my new sweet young pal Ashley at the dinner party.

The historic district of Annapolis just near the Naval Academy   





Red red wine you make me feel so fine…   


My precious wake up call every morning!~”Good morning!!  I like you!”  -Kaitlyn

Horseshoe Crab and treasures the kiddos and I found on the beach

Here is where I finally got to try stand up paddle boarding for a couple of days also scoring a kayak.  I made friends with the ladies next door that lent both of these to me for the weekend!  


  1. venable05 says:

    Would love to visit the area! So beautiful there! Great pictures!


    1. akvenable says:

      Sorry the pics weren’t that great this trip. I didn’t bring my camera do didn’t get into it so much.


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