A Mountain Wedding: Bluegrass, Blue Jeans, and Brews

Day one:  Let the revelry begin in Aspen, CO A close up of my favorite gift from the bride and groom: S’well water bottles! Yummy chocolates Specific location:  Zeno Aspen (next to the Aspen ski lift!)             Best cheese table ever…until tomorrow night   

The Mountains Are Calling

Click for panoramic  Twin Lakes We stopped to fill our cooler at a liquor store in Frisco.  Luckily the laws in CO allow the sale of refrigerated high point beers, so this O’dell Double IPA was icy cold.  Toast to Independence Pass–almost to Aspen!

The Leadville Experience

   City on a Hill Coffee Roastery and Cafe Bakery was a great coffee shop.  I can’t officially say I loved their coffee, because I opted for the delicious hot chocolate made with silky smooth steamed milk and whipped cream.  Paul can verify that they make a mean Cafe au lait.    We could spend…