Rim Trail

This trail was a nice short hike up and just the right distance for a trail run, about 4 miles up and back down with no heavy foot traffic on a beautiful weekend.  It was attractively located just near the village, just a walk down hill from the hotel.1564 1565 1566

About halfway up sits a perfect picnic spot just off the path:1567 156815701571

Click to see panoramic view from the top1573

Enjoying the 360 degree views of Snowmass, Mt. Daly, Capital Peak, and Ziegler Reservoir (trying not to drip my blood on everything) 1576

Ziegler is the site of some major Ice Age discovery, actually home to one of the largest mastodon findings in the world!15851588

Close yours eyes if you don’t like blood…picture of my first big puncture wound up next.  I fought the tree and the tree won.