Boulder and Brews

After our hike up in Nederland, we picked up Frank in Boulder and check out the new Avery Brewing Company.  I love Frank’s house, especially his heated pool and his dog Hazel (she appreciates the pool as well).  He offered to share his local beer collection too!  After one post hike beer and collecting all the ripe tomatoes off the vines, we hit up Avery in search for some fresh pumpkin ales.They had some pretty great (and spicy!) vegetarian BBQ nachos.  In fact, they were so delicious we even shared them with Nick (my new friend I made sitting next to me).  He was a pretty cool guy, so we invited him to Frank’s to join us the the evening.  Boulder
I deliberately cut off AV-ERY to see how my initials look as the brewery name instead.  AV Brewery…I like the sound of that! A closer look
I sampled the Day-Tox Belgian cheek puckering sour, Nora-aged sour pumpkin ale, Rumpkin-monstrous pumpkin ale @ 18%abv, Tweak-amazing Imperial Stout @ 17.81% abv, and The Beast Grand Cru 17.2% abv.  I am extremely fond of Tweak, so I ordered a 5 oz of this one.  It was as tasty as I remembered it being from GABF a couple years ago.  Rumpkin was too monstrous to try more than one sip; I preferred the Nora pumpkin sour.
 It was impossible from my view to get the entire picture of this huge facility.  There is a spacious patio to the left that is not shown here.  Sadly, it wasn’t patio weather that evening.
Back at Frank and Tracey’s – his amazing sandstone countertop The party–less Lisa, Nick, and myself–and the delicious cheese plate
 Sweet Hazel  The next morning we hit up this delicious pastry/coffee shop Spruce Confections before heading back to Denver.  We grabbed the first table available, hence the scuz.


  1. venable05 says:

    Looks like a fun time!


    1. akvenable says:

      It was! Wish I lived closer to that kind of fun.


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