Pfeiffer Beach: Home of the Purple Sand

Pfeiffer Beach at Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur is a beautiful and unique sight.  The parking lot was full, so I took the free route parking on the highway opting for the 3 mile trek down the beach road.  Not far down the road, a friendly older couple from the east coast stopped to offer a ride, so I eagerly hopped in.  This same sweet couple happened to leave after a couple hours, when I was a mile into my run back to the car and stopped again relieving me from continuing my run up the steep road.

Not only is this the home of the purple sand, it also has an abundance of cairns stacked on that sand where the trees meet the beach.

My free rental, compliments of the Post Ranch Inn

After hitting up the beach, I wondered around Big Sur making a stop at the Big Sur Bakery for a Flat White and Ventana to check out the restaurant and views from the bluff.


View from Ventana