Denver: New and Old Friends, Red Rocks, and The Wild Animal Sanctuary

This was a fun day out for a birthday brunch at Highland Tap and Burger–wives and babies included but not pictured.  After we ate, we walked over to a nice and breezy beer garden in LoHi called Recess.  

Chris introduced me to a short day hike in the Red Rocks Park area.  Afterwards we checked out the amazing Red Rocks Amphitheatre where people get their morning exercise on and tourists gaze in awe of the world-famous naturally formed concert venue.

Well, I almost forgot to mention…it’s final:  I am moving to Denver!  That brings me to my next blurb, I am doing my volunteer orientation at The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary next weekend.  That will also be my first official weekend to live in Denver in my new place!  I can’t wait to begin my new adventures in CO.  Volunteering at TWAS will be the first of many exciting things Colorado will have to offer.

Baby Grizzly Bear

The cuddly and playful Lynx

The beautiful mountain view from the sanctuary boardwalk

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  1. venable05 says:

    Great pictures! Will sure miss you but I know you are ready for new adventures! ❤️❤️

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