Prepping for some camping

This Colorado camping trip near Aspen was a great getaway for the week.  Cyrus and I didn’t have to work in the office this week, so I proposed that we take a little road trip over Independence Pass and head towards Aspen to work from wifi there and camp out somewhere nearby in between.  Since Aspen is certainly not cheap, I made sure to bring lots of good food as we were there about 4 days.  This is my browned butter banana bread recipe as seen in my previous posts with added organic hazelnut spread, cocoa, and dark chocolate chunks. It was delicious! I decided to add a little browned butter glaze on the muffins.  

Homemade Salsa with the special addition of carrots!

This is a concoction I thought up consisting of roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic slow cooked in the oven in a parsley, pomegranate molasses, red wine reduction.

This is the mess I made while cooking, baking, tasting, and drinking vino with my cousin Susannah who is the only family I have here in the grand state of CO.