Denver Urban Homestead Tour

As I have mentioned in a previous post or two, Cyrus and I bought a house and will soon be moving into our first home!  He has been doing most of the gardening research and pre-planning as I have been studying how to raise chickens.  I found out about this self guided Urban Homestead Tour in the Denver Metro area so we mapped out our preferred route and decided to participate and check out the attractions.  We saw great examples of food production, chicken keeping, beekeeping, natural building, composting, sustainable design (including re-using grey water from washing clothes outdoors to water plants), and more applied in various spaces and neighborhoods.  Eventually we will be building our own garden in hopes to become self-sufficient with a sustainable set up.  It will be a lifelong learning process and something we can definitely grow on together, get it? 🙂I believe this is the salvaged 1920’s farmhouse.  I went gaga over it and the bark walls you will see on the back of the house and encompassing the shed.We must have a pumpkin trellis next fall season!Busy bees and their hives



  1. Denise C Parks says:

    That is a great plan! Your Uncle John & I are doing the same thing. We have the plans and things in place; just waiting for him to be able to leave Enbridge. We are so excited for you & Cyrus!!!


    1. akvenable says:

      Well that’s awesome! We can share and compare plans next visit:)and learn a lot from your experience with that so far. Thank you Denise and glad you’re keeping up with my blog.


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