Premier Family Visit in Evergreen!

Well, we had our first overnight visitors for a few days.  My brother, niece, and mom came to stay at our new house, and we enjoyed every minute of their time here .  The three nights actually flew by too fast.  On Friday morning, I took the fam over to Breckenridge for the day.  We enjoyed walking the main street and stopped for some fun pics in the park after having some lunch at C.B. & Potts and stopping for cookies at my favorite Mary’s Mountain Cookies.img_1820img_1816img_1817img_1819img_1801This was the best little toy store, cram packed with toys filling every square inch, complete with an sea octopus playground!  I especially appreciated the selection of stuffed toy foxes!img_1796

Cyrus, Brad, Bryce, Mom and I tried out the local (in Kittredge) barbecue spot called Switchback Smokehouse.  It was an overall delightful experience!  They even had smoked salmon for those Pescatarians out there that still want to enjoy some barbecue:)img_1794

Mom and Bryce exploring the area not far from here around Red Rocks while Aunt Amy is at workimg_1790

I made a little aperitif for the guests.  I see someone that is excited about this.img_1811

In preparation for the guests, we incorporated a little character into the guest rooms with fun bedding and pillows hoping kids will be around to appreciate it even more!img_1966

Poor lighting from the temporary lamp in here doesn’t portray the classy crisp white with grey windowpane duvet with the grey light wool throw.img_1969

One morning we went to Denver for brunch to meet up with Brad’s friend.  Cyrus and Bryce enjoyed some coloring time together at the table on the rooftop–I enjoyed the view.img_1812img_1806