Foster Dog and Friends

Meet sweet pea Penny!  I found her at the Denver Animal Shelter by accident and decided she needed some major TLC.  When I first met Penny, it was’t love at first sight at least for her…but I do think it was love at first smell!  See Penny really couldn’t see, because her hair was so long and matted that it covered her eyes.  She also had abrasions from scratching at it so much that she looked sad and pathetic; I knew then, I had to rescue this fur-ball and get that hair out of her eyes and get some meat on her bones.  She was 8.5 pounds and is now a healthy 11.5 pounds after one month of eating well and exercising.  

Her favorite playmate is this mystery man (is that Cyrus under that hoodie?).  She just loves to cuddle and give hugs when she is not blitzing circles around us or getting into trouble.

One evening, we decided to try out our new grill and make salmon burgers and hang out on our patio with Penny.  This was what we saw next and on the first night our guest Shaun was in town…

This guy was a little too late to the cookout!  This cinnamon bear is our first bear sighting at our new house!  We were so excited that we got up and quietly ran after it to get a better look and see what Bear was up to on the other side of our house.

The following weekend we saw another bear, but this one was black and didn’t come for a cookout; he was just passing by out in the yard.

That same weekend Cyrus and I rode our bikes into town and attended the Fathers’ Day/Rodeo Parade.  This is the life, living in small town Evergreen.  Parades, bears, elk and deer – one of these is usually holding up traffic.

Second weekend with our guests in town from Austin: Tina, Shaun, Mila, Daisy, and Miss Bunny

One day we decided to introduce them to Idaho Springs and had lunch at Tommyknocker Brewery.  Their flight of beers were quite phenomenal, especially the Palisade Peachwood Cream Ale and Tundrabeary Summer Ale