One of my favorite towns I passed through while in Oregon last fall was this little town.  Sisters, Oregon is a warm and friendly small country-western town in Deschutes County.  It is set in the perfect location just near Bend, Deschutes National Forest, and only a scenic 2 hour drive from Crater Lake NP.

Crux Fermentation Project

I was pretty thorough with the pictures here, so I will let them tell the story for this cool brewery in the wonderful town of Bend, Oregon. Yummy.. 

Deschutes Brewery!

ONE of my all time favorites…tasty bar food and beyond.  Of course the beers were great–it is Deschutes after all!  It was so fun that I went to two different locations.  I checked out the brew pub and the brewery where I got plenty of souvenirs.  

Silver Moon Brewing

Silver Moon was a quaint brewery more centrally located in Bend–pretty plain and simple.  It was not my favorite but didn’t stay long to really get a good feel of it.  

IT IS Worthy

I do not have many pictures from here, but I didn’t want to leave this one out.  It has the best patio with a big open fire in the center with a bench encircling it to sit around and socialize over great beer.  Worthy is clean and perfectly crafted with abundance of room inside and out.  I really…

Boneyard Beer

Don’t let the garage casual brewery fool you as this was one of our top favorite craft breweries in Bend.  I really liked the “Fuego Rojo” for a nice zing of spice to the lips.  It’s difficult to find a great hot pepper beer, but I was in luck here.It is hard to beat a…