Sawtooth National Forest in Sun Valley

I couldn’t let it go unsaid how much I appreciated the area of Sun Valley.  The little towns of Ketchum, Sun Valley, Stanley, and Salmon make up a beautiful area.  I stumbled upon the well known Sawtooth Brewery and a symphony concert that evening at the colorful Sun Valley Inn and Lodge.  I could have…

Beryl’s Beer Co.

This brewery has some great aged beer options and a pleasant atmosphere with the friendliest service.  Enjoyed the Dry Hopped Pale Ale sample as well. With the open garage door entrance, you get the best of both worlds here–shelter from the weather on the not so perfect days whilst enjoying Beryls Beer over whiffs of the fresh mountain air….

Karbach Brewery

Where: Houston, TX Beer of choice: Hellfighter Bourbon Barrel–Extra Aged Imperial Porter Ale (small batch) ABV: around 10% ish

Great American Beer Festival

I have been to Boundary Bay Brewery in WA and Boneyard in Bend!  Sweet to see some of the breweries I have visited in their home towns. These two were getting married…so romantical, a beer fest weddin’! We made out like bandits on souvenirs. We definitely don’t need this many bottle openers; I am sure…

The Boulder Flat Irons

Loving the foliage just near the trail head My camera went dead right before the five mule deer appeared and before reaching the very top of the Flat Irons. This is the last shot before continuing on to the top. Afterwards we checked out the local breweries… I loved Twisted Pine brews. Too bad we…

The Oregon Coast

I love this hemmed in hollow of a path leading out to Ecola State Park.My first view of Cannon BeachA local Cannon Beach brewery where I tried the Blackberry BeautyI drove on over to Astoria to check out a couple more breweries.  I decided to keep it to a light sampler of three with a…

Sam Adams Brewery Tour

Hops Tried my first IPL. Have you ever had or seen an IPL? This juice glass was filled up with three different samples 6-7 times! Since our table only had four people we got to finish off the pitchers. This little juice glass is a nice complimentary souvenir.

The Great Divide Brewery

My brother and his wife live dangerously close to this brewery I tried the sampler, since I was already familiar with the stouts. The Oak-aged Yeti Stout remains my favorite My brother planned such a special night for me. What a charming weekend…thanks so much Brad and Cassie.

Oh little town of Breckenridge

By day… A regular place I like to visit Daz very good coffee By night …and no I did not buy, just wanted to look Of course I did not eat one of these deliciously bad for you buttercream filled M&M cookies consisting of around 1,000+ calories…IRRESISTIBLE!  Shamefully obsessed with these icing cookies! Our “ski in-ski…

Colorado knows how to brew

Yeti Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing Co is the creamiest best flavored stout I’ve tried in months. I liked it so much I couldn’t wait even for a quick photo before drinking down almost half of it. I actually can’t remember trying a better beer than this one ever–must try.