Back in Big D

I had a blast with my good friends gathering for this happy hour reunion at Parliament.  It couldn’t have gone better than this and everyone showed up just to see me!  I sure missed these guys but not particularly the Dallas lifestyle. LauraAndyChristina By night… With the full work day, 4 hour drive, and partying since 5pm,…

The Exquisite Beach Towns on 30A

Alys Beach is a beautiful beach community like no other I’ve seen… My favorite coffee shop here…they even served cold brew!          A gorgeous view of all the houses along the water The fancy bird house cluster to the old school ornamental windmill  The driftwood horse statues are a must for this…

Montreal’s Bakeries and Coffee Shops

La Brioche Doree served the ristretto espresso just like back in France and Italy.  They extract the perfect shot of espresso with the crema layer that the states can’t quite seem to pull off. O Plaisir Gourmands was the most impressive bakery I have ever experienced.  Leave the pastry making to the French to perfect….

The Rose Establishment

J’adore le Rose! Industrial antique motif meets French bakery coffee shop Yes, those are homemade oatmeal pies down there! Wait for it…coffee COLD BREW NITRO!  This is a first for me and what a pleasureful experience it was!  Hopefully, this nitro coffee phenomenon will take off and come to a coffee shop near you (and Me!)…

The Woods Coffee

We love this coffee shop right on the ocean! The barista made the perfect latte for me complete with micro-foam AND rosetta leaf design–my favorite.