Paramount Pictures Mountain?

We stopped to snap some photos of little Wild Goose Island again but this time with a different point of view.  We were told that this is the mountain from Paramount Pictures  logo…so we all got our pictures taken with it.

Grinnell Lake in Many Glacier

This is our hike to Grinnell Glacier. At the top stopping point looking out to where the glacier is someone spotted THREE grizzly bears–a sow and her two cubs! They weren’t as close as we would have liked them to be, but we definitely enjoyed watching them play long enough to get nice sunburns on…

Many Glacier Lodge

Another beautiful mountain lodge, equals another day of pure bliss in Glacier National Park.

Nine mile round trip hike…

…to picnic at Snyder Lake in Glacier on this miniature rock island was definitely well worth our Saturday.  Cyrus accidentally kicked our picnic trash into the water while trying to swat off mozzies, so he had to go wading in the cooold water to catch it and keep from littering.  Minus the aggressive mozzies, it…

Weeping Wall

Along Going-to-the-Sun Road there is a cliff lining the slender winding road with a wall of weeping waterfalls splashing down and washing over a long stretch of the road.

Saint Mary River and Falls

We went on this trail to find the most incredible falls I have ever seen. This was deep into the Going-to-the-Sun Road and absolutely breathtaking to see. There was a chance we might run into a bear or two, and we forgot our bear spray–oops!–so that made it even more exciting.