Out and about in Denver

We were headed to Sassafras (located just near Mile High Stadium) but realized it was Broncos game day so rerouted to Jezebel’s Southern Bistro and Bar to experience this delightful surprise.  I have to say this is my first time to be served in a personal sized cast iron skillet and it was wonderful.  This…

Finally Got My Lobster Roll Fix!

This place was fantastic!  The lobster roll options were just right, sure to please all preferences.    This cute ice cream shop was connected to Mason’s making the dessert option irresistible.  The ice cream was good but nothing too special.

Amy’s Ice Creams

Visit Amy’s   My choice was Belgian Chocolate, Frangelico, Sweet Cream with rainbow sprinkles

Sweet Action!

Finally found an ice cream joint that can compare to my favorite Sweet Peaks!!  I tried Scotch Ale Yeti Cake which was absolutely delicious!  I wish we had an ice place like this where I live…but since we don’t I appreciate it that much more.  

The enchanting Orcas Island

This is our last day amongst the San Juan Islands. We decided to take full advantage of the ferry and went to the second island of our choice, Orcas Island, but just for a day. It is very pretty, open, and natural here with some breathtaking views. Surprise, surprise, we decided to sample the island…

Cascadian Farms!!

They make organic ice cream here from their home grown berries-a perfect treat after a long day of hiking.  We got some raspberry chocolate chip ice cream, a pint of blueberries, tomatoes, and salsa.

Our search for Jewel Basin…pheww, what a climb!

Today we hiked this amazing strenuous hike for over four hours! It took us three of these hours just to climb up (just to give you and idea of the steepness)!! The higher up we got, the harder it was to locate the path of the trail, because the snow was getting denser and denser….

Beautiful Bigfork’s historic downtown village

I absolutely am in love with this little town! We had happy hour on the third floor balcony at Swan River Inn and Rooftop Gardens’ restaurant–best view in the village. I may have mentioned before this amazing ice creamery called Sweet Peaks.  We were crazy about this place and enjoyed a special treat from here…